Why Coronado Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Feel Like a Coronado Local, Save More Money

Coronado rental homes provide the luxuries of home because they are a home. Also, many hotels are run by major corporations with large staffs, therefore, hotels have to charge for nearly everything. Most vacation rentals come stocked with everything you need at no additional cost.

The kitchen and dining areas have cookware, utensils and dishes. Guests may also find board games, books and DVDs in their rental. They also have the freedom to bring their own entertainment, and enjoy it at no charge. No more paying for movies or flipping channels trying to find something to watch.

Many rental homes are also equipped with washers and dryers, so guests can clean laundry without paying hotel fees or taking clothes to the dry cleaner. In some homes, guests also have private hot tubs, pools and outside seating areas, perfect for relaxing with loved ones. In a vacation rental, travelers feel more at home and feel a sense of local pride because they are part of the community during their stay.

Gain Added Security

In most cases, hotel staff come into your room to clean and restock supplies. Also, you worry about keeping things in a safe or bringing them with you. Hotels cannot compete with the added security vacation rentals provide travelers.

When guests stay in a rental, they don’t worry about staff coming into the space, and keyless entry provides another level of security. Random strangers cannot enter without permission. Only guests have the passcode, and they don’t have to keep up with keys or pay extra charges if they lose the key.

Additionally, travelers can park on-site in an attached garage or driveway. No more parking across a crowded lot or fighting for premium parking.
But what if something breaks? Hotels have staff dedicated to maintenance issues and repairs. However vacation rental property managers have local companies on-call 24/7. These are trusted professional crews who specialize in cleaning and maintenance, delivering services to make guests happy and comfortable.

Eat Healthier, Spend Less

Some hotel rooms and suites have kitchens but lack a comfortable eating space. This forces travelers to dine out, which can cost hundreds and break healthy eating habits.

Vacation rental homes provide the place to create home-cooked meals. Sure, dining out is always fun and recommended in moderation, but guests can eat healthier on vacation by cooking their own meals. This also gives travelers a reason to visit a local farmers market or festival where they purchase local products and support the economy.

By working with local vacation property managers and businesses, you are more than a visitor, you’re like family.